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Peace Corps: career gateway for post-grad students

Life-changing experiences await for the creative, adventurous and resilient
Dr. Lee Altier,far left, helping a Tibetan refugee community establish an apple orchard in Nepal during his time in the Peace Corps. Courtesy: Dr. Lee Altier, 1980s.

The mission of the Peace Corps is to promote world peace and friendship. It was founded by John F. Kennedy in 1961. 

The Peace Corps program amplifies the power of human connection in more than 60 countries around the world. Americans apply to one of the six sectors — education, agriculture, environment, community economic development, health and youth in development — that they specialize in. 

The Peace Corps provides about two months of training before you are living side by side with a foreign community, exchanging knowledge and culture and working on prioritized projects. 

Here are 10 reasons Peace Corps post-grad is beneficial:

1.Free program that provides benefits 

The Peace Corps supports you financially your entire journey. They pay for travel and include an accommodation upon your return of $10,000 to help get back on your feet after two years of volunteering abroad. 

2. Resume experience

Joining the Peace Corps has the same effect as, if not better than, an internship would. Providing this experience on your resume shows you are resilient and dedicated. Many graduate programs recognize the Peace Corps as valuable experience and can be tied into with your educational coursework points. You can read more about graduate school benefits here

3. Life-changing encounters

“Having an experience like the Peace Corps, it changes your perspective,” Peace Corps veteran Dr. Lee Altier said. “You don’t ever see your life in the United States quite the same way.”

4. International cultural exposure 

Peace Corps workers live with a host family, eating their food and learning their language. This community becomes family, as you work in their village and get to know each other personally. 

5. Networking

You can meet other volunteers and expose yourself to programs that may spark your interests.

6. Gateway post-grad

The Peace Corps provides a transition from college to career while gaining intimate experience. 

7. Unique, hands-on learning 

Rigorous training is provided by native members of your program destination.

8. Be a part of change

The Peace Corps was created to distribute Americans worldwide to assist underdeveloped nations.

9. Service communities in need

All programs are designed to sustain and improve communities through agriculture, health, education, economy, environmental and youth development. 

10. Save lives and demonstrate kindness

There is no better feeling than helping others in need! 

Statistics show that the rate for unemployed college graduates is growing.  It is safe to say these students are unsure what path they want to take after college, not knowing what steps to take or the direction they want to go in. 

As for me, I have absolutely no idea how I am going to help food insecurity and also earn a living wage with just a Bachelor’s degree. 

I’ve heard countless times from peers, “I don’t know how I’m supposed to transition into the real world after graduation.” For a while I didn’t really know either, just that I’d have to get some work experience in my field to get the level of job I want. 

Surprisingly, awareness of the Peace Corps is low on campus. I truly believe there should be more conversations and events regarding this phenomenal program that so many students can benefit from.

If you are interested, explore the program areas and their purpose here, as well as the 60 countries available to serve. 

Volunteer Stories

Altier is a professor in the College of Agriculture at Chico State who served three years with his wife in Nepal during the ‘80s. He shared many stories and gave three personality criteria for those looking to apply:

  1. A huge sense of adventure 

“You never know any of the details, you can do your own research but you have to be adventurous,” Altier said. 

  1. Resiliency 

You never know what your environment may be: “Be flexible,” he said. 

In his case, Altier thought he was going to be sent to a governmental farm, but landed in a small village working with local farmers and orphanages.

  1. Creativity

 “Keeping your eyes open for how you can be effective and helpful … I got some grant money from local agencies to redevelop the water supply and another grant for building two biogas plants,” he said.  

“It’s a wonderful feeling knowing that you can help others with what they need, but at the same time, you learn a lot about their cultural practices and techniques,” Altier said.  

You can read more volunteer stories on the Peace Corps website. A story from Joannie Folan shares how the program encouraged her confidence while attending medical school. 

They remind me of that desire, after all, they were the first ones to call me ‘doctora,’” Folan wrote. 

The reason I deeply believe in the Peace Corps experience is because of the combination of obtaining hands-on experience, while growing a deep love and appreciation for the work you are capable of in your career. 


If you are interested in speaking with a recruiter, contact your advisor on campus for more information about the campus recruiter. You can also connect with a recruiter from the website by filling out your information. 

Disclosure: If you become a Peace Corps volunteer, you are disqualified from the CIA and vise-versa. 

Alina Babajko can be reached at [email protected].

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About the Contributor
Alina Babajko
Alina Babajko, Reporter
Alina Babajko is an agricultural communications and leadership major. Her goals in life include helping with food insecurity and improving resource depletion as well as environmental degradation. In her free time she enjoys nature walks, fresh and salt water swimming, and cooking for friends and family. After college, she plans to join the Peace Corps to learn about international culture and assist poor countries with sustainability.  

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    Toby Neal // May 7, 2024 at 12:27 pm

    Great information. Thanks for highlighting this option for people.