Classical celebration captivates with young talent

The advanced orchestra plays during the Going for Baroque concert on Friday night. Photo credit: Matthew Vacca

Loud whispers filled the Presbyterian Church as many in attendance patiently waited for the stunning showcase of young musical talent.

The Butte County Branch of the Music Teachers’ Association of California and the Mount Lassen Branch of the Suzuki Association of the Americas presented the fifth annual Bach celebration concert, Going for Baroque, Saturday night at the Bidwell Presbyterian Church.

Throughout the night, beautiful renditions of Bach and Vivaldi were orchestrated by a diverse set of musicians that demonstrated their prowess of instruments such as the piano, violin, cello and harpsichord.

To open the first half of the night, an intermediate class of musicians began the concert and did not disappoint.

Within this intermediate class, there were many young musicians, some as young as 4, that captivated the audience.

Whispers of shock and awe arose during many of the performances as some in the crowd couldn’t believe the amount of talent the young musicians held. The crowd would erupt in applause multiple times to congratulate the performers on their outstanding musical renditions.

Of the young performers, the one that stood out the most was Dustin Breshears Jr., who played violin with his father Dustin Breshears Sr. The two performed a number by Bach and the young Dustin demonstrated outstanding technique.

It was surprising to see such a young child be able to play at a level that greatly exceeded expectations based on his youth.

After a few more solos, intermission was held. The advanced youth orchestra was up next.

Composed of three different violins, the orchestra delivered a concerto by Bach that exemplified why they were considered the advanced class. They played their violins in harmony as they went back and forth on their strings, delivering notes that kept the listeners in awe.

Many more solos were performed after the orchestra performance; each displayed great precision. From Bach to Mozart, a variety of classical genres that seemed to always keep the crowd enticed were played throughout the night.

The concert was closed by an orchestra set that featured every musician that had performed throughout the evening.

This was quite an act — the stage featured a great range of musicians from 4-year-olds to adults.

The orchestra closed the night by playing one last Bach song to end the Going for Baroque event. Despite the varying ages of the musicians, their talents meshed extremely well together for the last act. They displayed the young talent that Chico has to offer in classical music.

It was an excellent show, said attendees Connie Eccles and Gwen Balch.

“I’ve seen the children and the others perform together, and they show a great amount of dedication to their performances,” Eccles said.

Eccles and Balch agreed that the the young children were the highlight of the night.

“They were phenomenal tonight,” Balch said. “The three small children, ages 4 and 5, displayed brilliance and the caliber of talent that is in Chico.”

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