Breaking the mid-semester slump

Matt Murphy

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Matt Murphy

In college, trap games don’t just apply to sports.

The weeks leading up to spring break are easy to overlook with the promise of a week off hovering on the horizon. I’m a chief offender. It’s hard not to take my foot off the gas pedal when I see there’s only a week until the break and coast into it.

Like previously-undefeated Syracuse against Boston College a few days before a matchup with Duke, play gets sloppy, turnovers go up, and before you know it you’re in too big a hole to climb out.

The best way to avoid a mid-semester slump is to stay aggressive on offense. In this case, a good defense does not lead to a good offense.

Keep attacking the basket (going to class) and don’t settle for jump shots (settling for what one has accomplished so far).

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