DUI collision on Nord Avenue

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March 10

Chico Police:

10:17 a.m.: Suspicious subject at Timber Creek Apartments on West Fifth Street. “Subject has been coming and going, entered apartment without permission yesterday, reporting party and roommate had subject leave. Subject continues to return, currently on the balcony. Yesterday made a statement about someone knocking his tooth out and he stabbed them 7 times. Subject knocking on the door again, reporting party and roommate are concerned for safety. Subject now walking away down 5th.”

3:19 p.m.: DUI crash on Nord Avenue. “Reporting party’s vehicle was just rear ended. Reporting party saw vehicle swerving prior to accident. Male got out of vehicle with a beer in his hand. The subject got out of vehicle and was pouring out the beer”

6:12 p.m.: Drunk in public on Floral Avenue. “Male subject under the bridge alone screaming “boom boom, bang bang.” Reporting party requesting subject be moved along. Subject no longer under the bridge, came up and yelling at passersby. Subject was causing a disturbance with another subject under the bridge but was gone an arrival.”

University Police:

11:09 a.m.: Stay away order in Merriam Library. “Black male adult who was issued a restraining order this past Saturday is back in the library. East side 1st floor. Calm, cooperative. Agreed to leave campus on his own.”

4:14 p.m.: Battery on bike path near Nord and railroad tracks. “Subject at Student Health Center, 2nd floor. Assaulted on Wednesday. Officer en route to SCH, no further action for victim.”