Break mellows St. Patrick’s Day revel


Party-goers walking downtown on evening of St. Patrick's Day in Chico. Photo credit: Christine Lee
Party-goers walking downtown on evening of St. Patrick’s Day in Chico. Photo credit: Christine Lee

The Chico Police Department rang in another calm St. Patrick’s Day this year.

There were a total of 33 arrests between 7 a.m. Monday and 7 a.m. Tuesday, according to a press release. There were 27 arrests last year.

“It was pretty mellow,” Chico Police Lt. Michael O’Brien said. “Yesterday was reasonable but this year is a little more active. Overall, this year was more manageable.”

Activity levels were highest in the afternoon and evening, according to the press release.

Efforts to make St. Patrick’s Day fall on Chico State’s spring break made the day more manageable, O’Brien said.

“We don’t have as many people in town partying and they’re not inviting out-of-town people – that’s a big deal,” he said. “Normally, it’s just local students and people engaged in the event. When we started tracking outside people is when we typically have problems.”

In previous years, bars would open at 6 a.m. during the holiday and people would line up to drink more after partying all night long, O’Brien said.

“Bars have been closing early during these events and that’s been helpful,” he said.

House parties have greatly reduced as well, O’Brien said. The partying is much more controlled and the environment is different.

“We don’t see those St. Patrick’s party days anymore,” he said.

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