Students stash reminders of times in capsules

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Shannon Savage<br>Staff Writer

Belly button rings, condoms and Maxim magazines are just a few of the keepsakes that have gone in Chico State time capsules.

Students can now add their own mementos to the 2005 time capsule.

“We like things to go in that represent this past year and that can be relevant to students,” said Katie Connett, commissioner of activity fee.

Students can submit objects until April 20 to the Associated Students office in Bell Memorial Union Room 203. The time capsule will be buried in front of Kendall Hall at the end of the semester and dug up in 50 years.

Some of the items already submitted are a rec center T-shirt, a Time magazine featuring former Pope John Paul II, a tsunami flier and a poster for the candlelight vigil for Chi Tau pledge Matthew Carrington who died of water intoxication Feb. 2.

A.S. has hired Future Packaging and Preservation to make sure the contents of the capsule are preserved. It will cost $1,000 for the preservation, which will come out of the A.S. student fees.

Some students said spending the money is worth being remembered.

“It’s really cool,” said senior Ruben Acuavera. “Alumni can come back and say, ‘Wow, what the hell were we thinking?'”

When time capsules have been opened in the past there has been some water damage, Connett said.

“When we opened the one up last year we were like, ‘Oh, a bunch of wet paper,”‘ she said.

First-year student Danielle Kister said the whole thing is a waste of money.

“There’s just nothing special about it,” Kister said. “I doubt I’ll come back to see what was in it.”

But Connett said students should definitely get involved with the time capsule, though.

“History helps to remember where you come from,” Connett said. “Each student has an opportunity to leave a legacy on campus.”

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