A.S. General Election Candidates 2009

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<strong>President* – salary $12,293</strong>

<em>Supervises and directs the business and officers of the A.S. corporation. Serves as an official representative of the company on campus … works to ensure productive relationships with the student body, university administration, faculty and staff. Sits on numerous boards and committees, including Academic Senate, Alumni Association, University Budget Committee, and University Enrollment Management Committee.</em>

<strong>Joseph Igbineweka</strong>

Age: 22 Class Level: SeniorHometown: FremontExperience: On the Environmental Affairs Council, PR officer for Wellness Center, CAVE and hall council representative.

<strong>What are your plans for this position?</strong>My plans are to get students more involved with A.S. government and also bring security to the campus. For the past few semesters, we’ve had a lot of incidents of rapes off and on campus, and I think the better way to tackle this problem is better lighting. ? We shouldn’t be going to a school where we are scared to go to school.

<strong>What sets you apart?</strong>I have the experience of not just being in A.S., but in general… What sets me apart from them is pretty much the ideas. I pretty much want to bring to the A.S., sustainability, security and restoring the academic image.

<strong>What would you do to improve the campus and student life?</strong>I would love to designate Wednesday for campus life, where you would wear a Chico State sweatshirt or T-shirts. ? I’ll encourage more participation in student organizations. There are a ton of them ? And if we get them involved, we can shift them from partying to being campus-oriented.

<strong>Jeff Kell</strong>

Age: 21Class Level: JuniorHometown: Los GatosExperience: Ran for Director of University of Affairs in fall, honors student and businesss owner.

<strong>What are your plans for this position?</strong>There is a not a lot of imagination with A.S., and I want to bring some more in. I’m calling it the AAPPP: Accessibility, Accountability, Pride, Public Safety and Protecting the Environment ? I want all students to know my name ? I’m preaching decisive action.

<strong>What sets you apart?</strong>I see myself as very qualified, very qualified in what I’ve done. I’m an honor student; it tells you I care about my grades ? I’m trying to let students know that their degree is for a lifetime, and they need someone who would carry the legacy.

<strong>What would you do to improve the campus and student life?</strong>Two things that I’ve really pushed for: One, the Greeks want a Greek center ? And A.S. isn’t reaching out to everyone. ? If we work more in a collaborative, we will get more work done. Another thing I want to do is throw a big barbecue and invite everyone to come. Everyone shakes hands and get excited and pumped up that A.S. is actually doing something. I want students to get a bang for their buck.

<strong>Christian Garcia</strong>

Age: 21Class Level: SeniorHometown: WatsonvilleExperience: Community organizations, community service, helped students get into college.

<strong>What are your plans for this position?</strong>I feel like our campus is divided right now, and as students we have a status quo approach on it because we are so used to it … I want to build that A.S. pride by (creating) programs that would get students involved. Finally, I want to make A.S. government more accessible to everyone. Students should know where their money is going.

<strong>What sets you apart?</strong>I’ll be blunt and honest – for the first two years here I didn’t do anything. I wasn’t doing great in school, and (is) part of the reason I couldn’t relate to anyone in the A.S. government. It took me a while to find my place. There are a lot of students who have the same problems, and I want to give them a voice.

<strong>What would you do to improve the campus and student life?</strong>What I want is to have a day where all the programs at Chico State come out and table … to network and join together. It’ll be a way to build that Wildcat pride.

<strong>A.J. Kuck</strong>

Age: 24Class Level: SeniorHometown: Shasta ValleyExperience: Double major in business marketing and psychology. Small-business owner for seven years with executive decision making regarding all areas of business such as sales, marketing and finance.

<strong>What are your plans for this position?</strong>I plan to build on the groundwork laid for the Student Senate while expanding essential programs, like Summer O. I will bridge the communication gap between the student and surrounding communities by implementing a biweekly press release called the “Wildcat Informer,” then publishing the press release in the CN&R and Enterprise-Record.

<strong>What sets you apart?</strong>I think the diversity of a double-major background, ability to overcome adversity with innovation, and past life experiences are what set me apart.

<strong>What would you do to improve the campus and student life?</strong>I’ll fight to deliver on the practices and programs students were promised, while developing new strategies, such as more efficient refrigeration cases in A.S. stores and solar power for campus facilities.

<strong>Executive Vice President* – salary $12,293</strong>

<em>Has extensive financial oversight obligations, including chairing Activity Fee Capital Expenditure Council, voting on Campus Fee Advisory Committee and serving as Chief Budget Officer for Activity Fee funded programs. As BOD secretary, ensures documentation and accessibility of A.S. meetings and assumes President’s duties, if needed.</em>

<strong>Erin Van Peer</strong>

Age: 22Class Level: SeniorHometown: Point Reyes StationExperience: Regional Officer for California Future Farmers of America (FFA) in 2004,State FFA Leadership Conference, National FFA Leadership Conference, Young Cattlemen’s Association, Chico State and Butte College Judging Field Day Co-Chair in 2009

<strong>What are your plans for this position?</strong>I feel it is imperative that we continue with the efforts of this past year’s A.S. officer team. They have begun to develop a mentorship program for students. This follows along the line of the FLO program for freshmen but would continue for students throughout college.

<strong>What would you do to improve the campus and student life?</strong>The Cross Cultural Leadership Center is a resource all students should be familiar with and take advantage of. Being one of the only CSUs in California with a center that helps bring people together while providing leadership development, we should continue to celebrate our diversity.

<strong>Julie Wright</strong>

Age: 21 Class Level: JuniorHometown: Yuba CityExperience: Current A.S. Executive Vice President, former commissioner of environmental affairs

<strong>What are your plans for this position?</strong>I’m in the initial stages of starting a mentorship program. I really want it to extend to the whole campus ? we would do a “Go Chico week,” which would be an opportunity for all the clubs and organizations to go out there and showcase what they have to offer to all the freshmen, sophomores and other students who never had the opportunity to get involved.

<strong>What sets you apart?</strong>I’ve had the experience; I know the everyday tasks that this position requires. I don’t need the additional training. I don’t have to reinvent the wheel when it comes time to start the position. I can just continue doing what it is I’m doing and finish these projects that I’m hoping to get done for the fall.

<strong>What would you do to improve campus and student life?</strong>Positive PR ? there’s nothing ever positive about Chico State ? I think that’s an opportunity to step up and ? change that trend. Simply because we were rated as a party school years ago, it’s difficult to change that behavior.

<strong>VP of Business & Finance- salary $12,293</strong>

<em>Serves as the chief financial officer for A.S. Chairs the Revenue Allocation Committee and insures that approved allocations are properly completed. Voting member of the Campus Fee Advisory and University Budget Committees.</em>

<strong>Shawn Wilson</strong>

Age: 25Class Level: SeniorHometown: OrovilleExperience: President of the Investor’s Club, sits on A.S. business committee, treasurer of Delta Sigma Pi, former chancellor of Delta Sigma Pi

<strong>What are your plans for this position?</strong>I want to be an advocate for students, so I’m hosting the comments for change survey, and I’m trying to gather as many of our students needs and wants in terms of initiatives or implementing anything new in Associated Students. I want to hold focus groups and basically gather information about what the students want.

<strong>What would you do to improve the campus and student life?</strong>I want to bring a positive image to Chico State through various events being held on campus …Try to portray Chico State as a good, healthy and positive school that fosters learning … I’d also like to educate the students as to what Associated Students actually does.

<strong>VP of Facilities & Services*- salary $12,293</strong>

<em>Responsible for planning, expanding and financing the BMU and areas funded by the Student Union Fee. Voting member of the Campus Planning Executive Committee. Helps implement passed initiatives and resolutions affecting the BMU.</em>

<strong>Brianna Ellis</strong>

Age: 21Class Level: JuniorHometown: ChicoExperience: Working as a paraprofessional in the Cross-Cultural Leadership Center, working as an A.S. human resources officer.

<strong>What are your plans for this position?</strong>This position is kind of a-political. It’s not one that is on the forefront of things. There’s not much I can change. With the opening on the WREC center, I’m hoping that will allow it to be more on the forefront. I want people to be able to come to the council and me and talk about their questions, concerns ? any feedback about what they want to see.

<strong>What sets you apart?</strong>Even though I am running unopposed, I’m still trying to go to group meetings and get my face out there.

<strong>What would you do to improve the campus and student life?</strong>Whatever ways we can make their stay on campus better.

<strong>Director of Leg. Affairs*- salary $8,676</strong>

<em>Keeps campus informed of student-specific state/national legislation. Fosters political activism by organizing voting drives and lobbying students’ interests to local, state and national associations. Chairs the Legislative Affairs Council.</em>

<strong>Amro Jayousi</strong>

Age: 19Class Level: SophomoreHometown: Ramallah, PalestineExperience: President of the Political Science Honor Society, political experience, studying under current director of legislative affairs.

<strong>What are your plans for this position?</strong>Empowering and advancing the programs that the current director of legislative affairs is working on ? and expanding and advancing my own ideas, being innovative and creative.

<strong>What would you do to improve the campus and student life?</strong>I would like to bring the life of the campus and the pride of the campus and making the students on campus more involved with their student organization. What many people don’t realize ? is the A.S. is a student government that represents us as students. I couldn’t believe the amount of opportunities in Associated Students.

<strong>Director of Univ. Affairs*- salary $8,676</strong>

<em>Serves as one of the student representatives along with the A.S. president. Helps prepare bi-monthly reports to the Academic Senate regarding student concerns. Represents the student body perspective in the area of academics.</em>

<strong>Tara Razi</strong>

Age: 19Class Level: SophomoreHometown: Laguna HillsExperience: Involved with Road Crew, CAVE volunteer, involved with Up ‘Til Dawn, FLO facilitator, honors student, in hall counsel for University Village

<strong>What are your plans for this position?</strong>If any students have a problem with something, they come and talk to me. It’s my job to be the liaison between the students and the university and to represent the students at those 10 meetings. You pretty much work with the administrators more so than student programs because that’s your job – to represent the students at those meetings so they know your perspective.

<strong>What would you do to improve the campus and student life?</strong>I’m on campus a lot. My goal is to really get out there. I already do try to go to as many events as I can. I think, in a sense, that the Activity Fee funds organization events. So if my money is going to the Activity Fee, I try to go to as many events as I can already? but my goal is to kind of put my face out there and to be there for them so they don’t have to come to me.

<strong>Commissioner of Activity Fee – salary $4118</strong>

<em>Chairs the Activity Fee Council and analyzes and manages the Activity Fee budget, which funds various A.S. student clubs, as well as keeps records and oversees expenses and income. They are a voting member on one of the most important fund allocation committees – the Government Affairs Council – and coordinate research of proposals delegated by the Executive Vice President.</em>

<strong>Alexander Mena</strong>

Age: 21Class Level: JuniorHometown: Paso RoblesExperience: Volunteer at Catalyst Domestic Violence Services, A.S. food service employee for three years.

<strong>What are your plans for this position?</strong>When I talk to different clubs and organizations, they don’t know how the Activity Fee works, who the activity director currently is ? and they have a lot of questions about the process. I want to explain that process. Also, I would want to see some self-sustainability within the clubs.

<strong>What would you do to improve the campus and student life?</strong>Some student-life activities, such as socials, involve the Activity Fee. And anything where the Activity Fee can help flourish both student life and campus life in a positive way should be greatly explored and greatly supported.

<strong>Desiree Tavares</strong>

Age: 21Class Level: JuniorHometown: PlacervilleExperience: Involved in A.S. for three years, worked on Road Crew, worked as office staff and sat on Activity Fee council as a voting member last year.

<strong>What are your plans for this position?</strong>I plan on building a panel of diverse students to help build a bridge between A.S. government and the students. Some of these students would be from the Women’s Center, the WREC, recycling and other programs. I want to make sure that students are responsible for where our money goes.

<strong>What would you do to improve the campus and student life?</strong>Getting awareness of student organizations and getting students to know what is available on campus.

<strong>Com. of Community Affairs- salary $4,118</strong>

<em>This is the most ambiguous A.S. position. He or she is a voting member on the major allocation committee – GAC. He or she is supposed to establish “links with community agencies.”</em>

<strong>Ryan Giordano</strong>

Age: 20Class Level: SophomoreHometown: SunnyvaleExperience: Participated in and worked as the assistant coordinator of the Road Crew.

<strong>What are your plans for this position?</strong>The basic idea I have for this position is that I’ve come to understand, through working in the office, it’s not a very well defined position. What I’d like to do is basically do the best I can to reach out to the City Council and find out what they want from us and also communicate what our students want from them.

<strong>What would you do to improve the campus and student life?</strong>(I want) everyone to feel like they are a part of something. I’m absolutely in love with our campus and I feel so connected to it. I want everyone on campus to feel this is their home. I don’t want any students to believe that they are just here for four years.

<strong>Commissioner of Environmental Affairs- salary $4,118</strong>

<em>Coordinates environmental efforts. Advocates for the general health of the Earth before the university administration and submits proposals to GAC, ASBC and BMUC. Is an official representative to the University Transportation Committee and the Energy Council. Serves as liaison among students, community groups and the A.S.</em>

<strong>Erin Dacayanan</strong>

Age: 21Class Level: UnknownHometown: TracyExperience: Environmental Theme, interned for A.S. Sustainability for one semester, interned for Environmental Affairs Council

<strong>What are your plans for this position?</strong>I would love to implement the A.S. purchasing policy. I really want to focus the EAC back onto interns and intern projects ? I would love to be there to help the gray area in the sustainability fund allocation committee. ?

<strong>What would you do to improve the campus and student life?</strong>I would like to see sustainability become a part of students’ everyday lives ? become the norm instead of the outsider.

<strong>Commissioner of Multicultural Affairs- salary $4,118</strong>

<em>Chairs the Multicultural Affairs Council and represents it to the Government Affairs Council. Responsible for promoting student interests and student organizations. Serves as a liaison for Affirmative Action activities. Reviews requests for funds made to the MAC council and presents new information to various committees.</em>

<strong>Mari DeLaCerda</strong>

Age: 21Class Level: SeniorHometown: Yuba CityExperience: Intern for Cross Cultural Leadership Center, was career exploration intern for the Career Center, in the Educational Opportunity Program for four years, involvement in Women of Excellence.

<strong>What are your plans for this position?</strong>I want to manage a fiscally responsible council. I want the money to last all the way to the end of April, at least. I’d like the council to be avid members of the CCLC, which I believe, is the mecca of where diversity thrives. I’d like to build a stronger advisory board.

<strong>What would you do to improve the campus and student life?</strong>We can’t just build straight up, we need to build out. We need to go out and reach to people that are right next to us; hold hands with them.

<strong>Rami Siyam</strong>

Age: 22Class Level: SeniorHometown: Tulkarem, PalestineExperience: Former president of the Pan-Arab Student Union, member of Students Taking Action Now: Darfur and the Muslim Student Association

<strong>What are your plans for this position?</strong>By being different, I want to bring diversity to the campus. There are all these multicultural departments, and I want them to work more together to bring a good experience to the campus and the students. A lot of students, or organizations, probably have ideas for events, and I want to create a small committee to give them guidance in planning these events.

<strong>What would you do to improve the campus and student life?</strong>There definitely needs to be more advertising. I want to help people understand what MAC is, because that is what I see in Chico. I see different backgrounds.

<strong>Maurice Conner</strong>

Age: 19Class Level: FreshmanHometown: SacramentoExperience: Sits on Residence Hall Association, helped manage $40,000 budget, in Men Against Rape and Sexism, high school president of MESA and Black Student Union.

<strong>What are your plans for this position?</strong>To bridge all of the forms of culture and diversity on campus, and plan to set up a budget to ensure there will always be a substantial amount of money left in the MAC council. Also, I want to associate myself with the organizations on campus personally, so they won’t feel intimidated.

<strong>What would you do to improve the campus and student life?</strong>Promote, promote, promote MAC council, and promote togetherness.

<strong>Additional video interviews</strong><em>What is your position on opening up the A.S. salaries</em>