Pantsless man on East Eighth Street

Blotter Image.jpg

April 2

Chico Police:

6:30 p.m.: Suspicious subject on Palmetto Avenue. “Subject going door to door selling candy for ‘2nd Chance’ Youth Program. Several calls received over the past few weeks regarding same subject.”

8:17 p.m.: Suspicious subject on East Eighth Street. “Male subject in his 50’s was standing near the park entrance without any pants. Not doing anything to attract attention, just seemed odd. Reporting party was concerned for him. Last seen walking back into the park.”

University Police:

8:52 a.m.: Traffic hazard at Student Support Center on Ivy Street. “Traffic jam due to Esplanade delivery truck and charter bus going the wrong direction.”

4:27 p.m.: Suspicious circumstances reported. “Reporting party came in last Friday and spoke with sergeant regarding unknown subject hacking into her wildcat email. She was advised to contact ITSS services who assisted her. She came back in this afternoon to report unknown subject has locked her out of her computer and phone. Was advised her to contact her cell phone service provider.”

11:26 p.m.: Fire sighted/ smelled at Taylor Hall construction site. “Reporting party advising he can see smoke coming from fence area in the northwest corner. Advising steam has been coming out of that area for a few weeks. Officer advised affirmative on steam, no further action.”