Suspicious subject at Marigold Elementary School

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April 7

Chico Police:

6:33 a.m.: Suspicious subject at Marigold Elementary School on Marigold Avenue. “Reporting party saw a white male adult come out of the school area carrying something wrapped up in a black sweater. Subject looked startled when he saw reporting party, went into the “Ruthie Green apartment complex across the street. Reporting party advising janitor, all clear.”

1:26 p.m.: Reckless vehicle on Mariposa Avenue. “Subject on motorcycle going eastbound, popping wheelies, holding up traffic. Subject almost crashed a couple of times. Was using cell phone popping wheelies, laying backwards removing hands and feet from bike. Subject pulled into bike lane, jumped sidewalk, then back down on the roadway. Split off to Upper Park at round about.”

4:11 p.m.: Knife incident at North State Auto Brokers on Humboldt Avenue. “Customer refusing to leave business, was filming reporting party. Subject pulled out a knife from his car waving it at employees. Suspect left eastbound on Humboldt. Subject calling in states he was held hostage in office, says they were making up false statements. Subject will meet officer at Barnes and Noble. Subject negative for having knife, was trying to get away. Advised of laws regarding recording others.”

University Police:

11:42 a.m.: Lost property found. “Entry for Apple MacBook Pro.”

3:03 p.m.: Fire alarm on second floor of Mechoopda Hall. “Smoke detector activated, Chico Fire Department dispatched, on duty resident adviser notified. Fire department on scene, residents evacuated. Unit located stove burner on 1st floor left on high, not the cause of alarm. Unable to locate cause of alarm.”