Bomb threat at day camp

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April 8 and 9

Chico Police:

Tuesday, 8:41 a.m.: Transient problem on Orient Street. “Subject defecating along the side of creek between Orient and Olive. Reporting party says there are numerous subjects. Officer out with 2 subjects. Contacted parks for cleanup. Subject cited and released back into field.”

Tuesday, 1:15 p.m.: Bomb threat at One Day Camp. “Reporting party sees a pipe with 2 caps on it in the trash near the portable toilet. Says it is a 3 inch PVC pipe with end caps, subject is on road diverting people away. Location is closed, traffic stopped. Officer is at scene to check out object. Bomb squad is being called out.”

Tuesday, 6:17 p.m.: Subject disturbance at Bidwell Park on East First Avenue. “Two transient subjects in alley east of Bidwell Par in some type of disturbance. Reporting party observed 1 holding a knife, didn’t appear threatening, just holding the knife. Subjects were inebriated but not dangerous, moved along.”

Wednesday, 2:51 p.m.: Drugs for sale at Fairview High School on East Avenue. “Marijuana packaged for sale with pipes and grinder, Student fled after being caught with items in her possession. Contacted juvenile probation, her case is pending.”

Wednesday, 5:21 p.m.: Suspicious subject on Main and West Eighth Streets. “Black male adult on the corner without pants on. Not doing anything to attract attention, just has no pants. His belt broke, agreed to keep his pants up.”

University Police:

Tuesday, 12:01 a.m.: Suspicious activity on Warner Street between Legion and West Sacramento. “Chico Police Department checked for possible robbery alarm in are, unable to locate. Whitney Hall resident advisor advised victim at dorm, wallet was taken. Subject requested no report be taken. Occurred in city jurisdiction. Chico Police Department en route to handle further.”

Tuesday, 3:48 p.m.: Arrest at south side of Butte Hall. “Hispanic male adult subject running westbound towards stadium. Subject contained in 1st floor men’s restroom of Butte Hall, subject detained. Butte County probation, confirmed warrant.”

Tuesday, 8:06 p.m.: Bike theft at Madison Bear Garden. “Bike theft from Bear, subject last seen going through campus. Victim’s boyfriend chasing subject, no further details.”

Wednesday, 10:00 p.m.: Skateboarders on Siskiyou bridge. “Warning given.”

Wednesday, 11:24 p.m.: Suspicious subject in parking lot. “Male subject appears to be transient, continues to walk around vehicles, lot, walkways. Officer out with subject. Everything clear, subject was charging phone. Counseled and moved along.”