Flight 370 instills fear

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Matt Murphy

I’ve never been particularly comfortable with flying.

Malaysian Airlines’ Flight 370 has done nothing to assuage my fears. While new information has come about the whereabouts of the plane that will perhaps prevent this from happening again, I’m taking little solace. This will be front and center in my head the next time I’m in a giant metal cylinder cleared for take-off.

Airplanes are like the ocean to me—how much I know and what I don’t are greatly unbalanced.

I’ve never understood the cellphone rule. If this operation is so fragile that playing “Angry Birds” at takeoff is going to potentially bring it down, I’ll find some other form of transportation. I might have been the only person to side with Alec Baldwin when he was booted off a plane for playing “Words With Friends.”

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not taking Flight 370 lightly. Much the opposite. The same way a “Final Destination” movie will make me afraid to go outside for a week, I don’t think I’ll be getting in an airplane anytime soon.

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