Suspicious subject at Rite-Aid

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April 17

Chico Police:

6:26 a.m.: Hit-and-run on West Lindo Avenue. “Sometime during the night a vehicle struck mailboxes, appears the vehicle went up onto the sidewalk and continued driving. Part of the vehicle left behind. Beat information has possible subject vehicle in the area. Notified United States Postal Service about damage, they will have maintenance respond.”

1:47 p.m.: Suspicious subject at Rite-Aid on Mangrove Avenue. “Male subject ran into doorway, appeared under the influence. When reporting party went to check on him he said ‘if you come any closer I will kill you.’ Subject is currently in the parking lot. No weapons seen, yelling at people walking by.”

2:16 p.m.: Subject disturbance at Kirk’s Jewelry on West Third Street. “Female transient came into business looking for appraisal on piece of jewelry. She told the reporting party her and her husband had just gotten out of prison. Reporting party told her she wouldn’t help her and as subject was leaving she said ‘prepare to be robbed today.’ Subject left on Salem towards Mom’s.”

University Police:

12:15 a.m.: Suspicious subject on Second and Chestnut Streets. “Reporting party came into the campus police station lobby and advised when he stopped at a red light, someone went by and broke his side mirror. Unknown subject was walking in crosswalk and slapped both of the mirrors, negative damage.”

12:21 p.m.: Open door requested at Plumas Hall. “Locked door of Orion, it’s an entry door to the basement right of the staircase. Orion does not have a key and the door is not card access.”