Bluegrass band to bring beats to Laxson

Grammy award-winner and multi-genre singer-songwriter Peter Rowan’s newest bluegrass band, “Big Twang Theory” is intertwined with honky-tonk and rockabilly.

The band will perform for Chico audiences at 7:30 p.m. on Sept. 5 in a show presented by Chico Performances.

With collaborations from dobro guitarist Michael Witcher and bassist Paul Knight, Big Twang Theory draws from Rowan’s roots in bluegrass, country and blues.

“I have always wanted a band that was rooted in bluegrass, but could add the twang of Hank Williams, Carl Perkins and Buddy Holly,” Rowan wrote in an email to The Orion.

A widely recognized artist, Rowan’s career started 50 years ago. After leaving college to pursue music he played under bluegrass veteran Bill Monroe and was the lead singer and guitarist for other bands.

Rowan eventually broke out as a solo artist touring internationally. Devoting his life to music, the 71-year-old is still performing all around the world.

“Last year he toured Italy, Czech Republic, England and Australia,” wrote his manager Al Evers in an email. “We’re working on returns to Australia and Japan for 2014.”

With his talent for songwriting and years of guitar playing, Rowan and the Big Twang Theory bring bluegrass to life.

“By adding electric instruments, Big Twang Theory creates a blend of harmonic frequencies that shimmer like when you play an acoustic guitar at midnight,” Rowan said.

Chico audiences can hear the Big Twang Theory perform songs such as“The Old School Teaser” and “Jailer Jailer” and many more in two weeks.

Tickets for Peter Rowan’s Big Twang Theory are available at the University Box Office or at the Chico Performances website.

Ticket prices:

Premium $32

Adult $27

Senior $25

Child $18

Jennifer Jacobs can be reached at [email protected].