Car crashes into student’s bedroom

The white vehicle reversed into the home and was halfway through the bedroom. Photo credit: Yessenia Funes

A man believed to be having a seizure drove into a house Tuesday a little before noon.

The 911 call indicated a vehicle hit the 1100 Warner St. home, specifically a bedroom, with a possible seizure-related medical incident.

No one was inside the bedroom when this happened, confirmed Joe Duran, the fire captain.

The driver was still inside the vehicle when police arrived and is now being examined at Enloe Medical Center, but he is in stable condition.

The vehicle was reversing and accelerated quickly, ramming into the building, according to an eye witness Duran spoke to.

“He must’ve been going pretty fast because half the vehicle is in the structure, so you would’ve had to hit it pretty hard,” Duran said.

Four Chico State students live in the home. However, only communications major Andrew Kokinakes was inside the home when the vehicle struck.

“I was just doing homework, and it sounded like a bomb went off in Nick’s room,” he said.

The structure has been checked for fire hazards and electrical issues, Duran said.

The insurance company should cover the damage, said Kent Collins, whose father owns the building.

“I just don’t know how long it’s going to take to get it to usable shape,” Collins said.

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