Confession wall comes with cruelty

Julianna Eveland
Julianna Eveland

“Just for fun,” is the description you can find above the Chico College Confession Facebook page.

But is it really just for fun?

I started following the page last year after hearing my friends talk about how entertaining it was.

They were right.

Stories about people’s weekend misfortunes and embarrassing interactions that could only be admitted on an anonymous confession wall was by far better than a feed full of boring status updates.

But what started as a playful confession page turned into a bunch of shit-talking on people’s confessions.

Some of the posts are still quite humorous. But even the clever ones get bashed on.

When I scroll through my Facebook feed and see posts from Chico College Confessions, I often think, “what the hell am I reading?”

It saddens me to see the sorts of lows our Chico community can stoop to.

Confessions posts range anywhere from drunkenly sleeping with multiple partners on weekends, to vandalizing houses or cars, to traumatizing assault experiences.

I don’t think a Facebook page is the place to try to deal with these things.

Especially considering the hurtful feedback from confession wall followers.

I understand that people turn to the confession wall if they feel they don’t have an alternative outlet, but many of the comments are filled with hateful criticism, which can only worsen things.

I am not going to sit here and say I’m boycotting the confession page. Curiosity, and sometimes procrastination, do get the better of me.

But I do think the confession wall stirs up trouble.

A lot of tension can come from heated comment sections. Some of which have irked me and made me feel resentment toward the commenter.

The confessions may be anonymous, but the comments section clearly shows people’s true character.

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