Abortion attitudes need adjusting

Julianna Eveland
Julianna Eveland

Unplanned pregnancy can become a haunting reality for anyone that is sexually active.

With abortion, women can avert the crisis of having to raise a child in unpredictable and unstable circumstances. But does having the option to abort a child give women a false sense of security?

I’ve encountered some very aloof attitudes that come with the thought of abortion, especially among people around my age.

But when the choice to abort is made, society often looks down on women who choose to get rid of the baby, and when that final deciding factor comes into play, it can also affect the rest of the mother’s life— or both father and mother, depending on the situation.

I can’t speak from personal experience, thank god, but I know many people in their twenties who have chosen the route of life when it comes unplanned pregnancy.

The topic of abortion is a serious matter, and I don’t think that it is viewed as seriously as it should be. There needs to be a higher value on the price of a fetus’ life.

I’m not saying the right to have an abortion should be taken away. In certain situations I believe it is actually better than having a child raised in unhealthy environment.

However, I think there needs to be a more serious tone toward the thought of abortion.

Just because the option is there, doesn’t mean it is OK to rely on it as an easy alternative.

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