Drug dealing in front of Has Beans

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May 8 and 9

Chico Police:

Thursday, 8:56 a.m.: Subject disturbance at Enloe Medical Center on Esplanade. “Subject came into the lobby, went to a female employee and yelled in her face. Subject put his hand in his pocket and was holding something. He was demanding to see administration and billing, no one knows who the subject is. Subject wouldn’t talk to reporting party and left the area. Last seen eastbound on 5th.”

Thursday, 9:07 a.m.: Drugs for sale reported at Has Beans on Main Street. “Reporting party states subject in white and blue vehicle is dealing pounds of marijuana. The subjects are selling heroin. Reporting party states the subjects are there every day dealing drugs.”

Thursday, 9:51 a.m.: Suspicious subject on West Sacramento Avenue. “Subject running with face covered in blood. No one else seen running, subject didn’t seem angry. More as if he was just a victim. Officer on scene, nothing showing.”

Friday, 7:56 p.m.: Hit and run, no injury on Sheridan Avenue. “Vehicle just weaved into oncoming traffic, almost hitting oncoming vehicles then hit a fence. Unable to locate driver.”

Friday, 6:51 p.m.: Suspicious circumstances near Chico Country Day School on West 11th Street. “Across from day school white female adult and black male adult are attempting to access a boarded up building. Officer walked the perimeter of the building, appears secure.”

Friday, 8:10 p.m.: Hit and run, injury reported at Redwood Grove Apartments on Nord Avenue. “Reporting party advising incident was vehicle versus pedestrian. Victim has a possible broken arm. Damage to driver’s front side, a piece missing. Witness saying driver picked up the piece and drove off. Victim and witness are both inebriated. Medics don’t think the injury is serious.”

University Police:

Thursday, 8:45 a.m.: Maintenance service in front of Tehama Hall. “Reporting party states she dropped her cell phone in a grate in the ground and can see it lying at the bottom. Employee en route to help retrieve phone.”

Thursday, 11:39 a.m.: Suspicious subject on campus. “Male subject on bike last seen westbound toward Merriam Library. Possible bike thief with Superman underwear. Took off behind O’Connell, unable to locate subject.”

Friday, 12:14 p.m: Traffic collision, no injury at West Second and Chestnut Streets. “Three vehicles involved, a truck, blue passenger car, and white SUV. Officer notified. All vehicles exchanged information, 2 vehicles left scene and one is standing by for tow.”

Friday, 7:02 p.m.: Welfare check at Sutter Dining. “White male adult in her early 20’s is screaming. Subject walks in then leaves the area, staff is shutting down the dining hall. Unable to locate subject.”