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    Arts & Entertainment

    What’s new at Chico State

  • Con Café: Jerry

    Arts & Entertainment

    Con Café: Jerry

  • Students attend the walkout and stand together. One holds a sign that reads, 32 days 10,000 deaths this is genocide not war.


    Muslim students face harassment at Chico High: Walkout for cease-fire

  • A SWAT team arrives on the property with the suspect inside the house.


    Chico Police Department and SWAT team respond to a burglary on Eighth St.

  • Surviving the holidays with disordered eating


    Surviving the holidays with disordered eating

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Chico State's independent student newspaper

The Orion

Chico State's independent student newspaper

The Orion

Chico State's independent student newspaper

The Orion

Humans of Chico State: An inside look on students’ lives

Alex Horne (web)
Alex Horne, 20, sits on a bench outside the library and takes in the beautiful nature on campus. Photo credit: Stephanie Schmieding

Q: What is your biggest dream?

A: “My biggest dream is to flip houses. It’s when you buy a rundown house and you fix it up so that it’s nice and then you sell it for a profit. It’s very risky, but it would also be very cool.” – Alex Horne, sophomore business marketing major

Hollie Mudd (web)
Hollie Mudd, 18, hangs out in the Sutter Hall quad while she peruses on her laptop. Photo credit: Stephanie Schmieding

Do you have a favorite memory?

“I used to live in Oregon and all of my family and I would get in the back of pickup trucks and go over these railroad tracks that lead to these fields of blackberry bushes. We would pile these ladders on the side of these blackberry bushes and bring enormous buckets and just fill them to the brim with blackberries. I never filled any of the buckets to the top though because I would always eat them.” – Hollie Mudd, first-year undeclared major

Teddy Crete (web)
Teddy Crete, 20, works the Chico Newman Center table outside Plumas Hall and encourages students to join. Photo credit: Stephanie Schmieding

Has anyone or anything had a real impact on your life?

“The Newman Center really helped me out when I first came to college because I wasn’t a very devout Catholic at all. I had grown up a Catholic and I went to Catholic Mass and I thought it was kind of cool, but for me personally having it be my own choice to go to church and be surrounded by people who are my age and that absolutely love their faith was amazing and the Newman Center really made a difference.” – Teddy Crete, sophomore mechanical engineering major

Derek Nystrom (web)
Derek Nystrom, 19, kicks back and relaxes on the fresh cut grass. Photo credit: Stephanie Schmieding

Is there someone or something that has had a real impact on your life?

“When I was younger I used to go dog sledding with my grandpa with a team of 30 dogs. One time I was walking around on my own without any adult supervision and I actually tripped on one of the dogs and fell on it. The dog got scared so it latched itself onto my lip and bit it, so I have all kinds of stitches on my lip and it’s scarred now. I still love dogs and I don’t blame the dog. In a weird way it has gotten me to not care as much because things just happen. I would never have predicted that.” – Derek Nystrom, sophomore business major

Karlie Wreaks (web)
Karlie Wreaks, 18, walks through the George Petersen Rose Garden outside Trinity Hall. Photo credit: Stephanie Schmieding

Tell me something interesting about yourself.

“In high school I made all varsity sports my freshman year for field hockey. I love field hockey because it is a newer sport and I’ve spent basically my whole life playing it. I loved meeting new people and learning the different moves.” – Karlie Wreaks, sophomore biology major

Stephanie Schmieding can be reached at [email protected] or @stephbottt on Twitter.

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