Negative news can be overbearing

Illustration by Zachary Phillips.
Illustration by Zachary Phillips.

There is one thing that can always be expected in the news, and that’s bad news.

On one hand, half the time I hesitate to look at major news sites from fear of what I’ll find.

On the other hand, when there are no catastrophes, disasters or major crimes to report on, the news seems a bit dull or irrelevant.

Twitter posts containing lighthearted news stories always receive comments like, “How is this news?” or, “Why do we care?”

Throughout my summer internship at NewsRadio KFBK, I scanned online news sites for crime stories in the larger Sacramento area. By the end of my internship, I found myself only searching for the bad news.

It felt like if I had no decent crime stories, I hadn’t done my job well enough that day.

People in the newsroom and myself would find a way to get past the horrific truths of certain events, usually through humor.

Bad news is the majority of what stimulates readers. I’ve found this not only in the KFBK newsroom but through working at The Orion as well.

The Orion issues with less buzz about holiday arrests, DUI’s and other mishaps tend to get less praise. When good news is reported on, even in great detail, it gets less recognition and often goes forgotten.

The bad news is what sticks. Ebola, Ferguson, ISIS, journalists being beheaded. All of these events will remain in the news for weeks, even months to come.

Right now society may seem messed up and out of whack, but relishing in the tragedies of the world will not get anyone anywhere.

The news may be depressing, but if I balance it out with inspiring, unique and uplifting news stories, I can learn a new appreciation for the world.

The sad part is, I can’t even think of a monumental good event that can counter the events above.

My new mission is to find the good in the world. I will seek it out and find the lighter side of journalism.

Bad news is important to report on, but relishing in it just feels wrong.

Julianna Eveland can be reached at [email protected] or @janeca12 on Twitter.