Student threatens suicide at Student Services Center

Illustration by Liz Coffee

University Police:

Tuesday, 11:31 a.m.: Welfare check at Student Services Center on West Second Street. “Reporting person advising student is threatening suicide and is under the influence of alcohol. Reporting person does not believe subject has a means of committing suicide. Subject was released to medical personnel.”

Tuesday, 2:53 p.m.: Suspicious subject at performing arts center on Chestnut Street. “Female came into lobby saying an older male, approximately 40-years-old, walked up to another unknown female and hugged her. Reporting person advised that the female appeared to have tried walking away from the male as if she did not know him, the male started following her. Police were unable to locate the man.”

Tuesday, 9 p.m.: Recycling issue at Mechoopda Hall on West Sacramento Avenue. “Students at Holt advising subject is harassing them. Subject had to cross campus property to get there. Subject was arrested.”