Chico State softball field under construction

photo (1).JPG
Construction workers make improvements to the Chico State softball field. Photo credit Angelo Boscacci.

Chico State’s softball field is undergoing a project aimed at improving both the field and player safety.

According to Phil Strawn, the assistant project manager in Facilities Management and Services at Chico State, the estimated cost of this makeover is $99,700.

Here’s what the field makeover will consist of:

  • A new infield that has its own sprinkler system
  • A realignment of the bases
  • A new grass border for the field
  • A new trench drain in front of the dugouts
  • An all new irrigation system

“Over the years the softball field has had problems with drainage and uneven spots throughout the field,” said Mitch Cox, the associate director of athletics. “When it would rain, water would sit in certain areas and they would have to push the water off and it would go into the bull pens and flood them. It should be a lot less work for our grounds guys and players who would have had to do that work on game days.”

The softball field was just put on a regular grass field, Cox said.

“They have taken up 6 inches of surface and have installed a new irrigation system and a whole new drainage system on the outside,” he said.

Just like with every project, the budget comes into play. The almost six-figure bill will not be an easy one for Chico State.

“It’s something we have to account for through various means in terms of saving money in other areas,” Cox said. “And knowing that something like this is going to happen, we start pocketing money away.”

“The field should be ready for our team segment, which starts in October,” said Angel Shamblin, head softball coach. “With a trap now the water should just run off on its own into a drainage system.”

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