Former Wildcat distance runner breaking records with Team USA

Former Chico State distance runner Scott Bauhs, left, competes for Team USA. Photo Courtesy Scott Bauhs

There’s only one runner in the nation Scott Bauhs’ age who he hasn’t beaten head-to-head. That’s Galen Rupp, an Olympic silver medalist.

Not bad for a former Wildcat.

Bauhs, a former Chico State cross-country and track and field runner, continues to reach new records running for Team USA. Bauhs ran for the Wildcats from 2005-2008.

Accomplishments for Bauhs at Chico State include a NCAA Division II 10,000-meter championship in 2007 and a 5,000-meter title in 2008, as well as a cross-country championship in the same year. While all these records may be impressive, Bauhs also adds eight Division II All-American honors to his resume.

“At Chico I got to be, ‘that runner guy,’” Bauhs said. “The kids around campus recognized me as being a great runner. That’s not common in my sport, but the school thought it was cool that someone was running fast with Chico across their chest.”

Bauhs went to the next level and was in tune enough to break American records as well. Bauhs was the youngest American to ever run a mile under four minutes and 10,000 meters in under 28 minutes. These records were broken during his time with the Wildcats program.

“There were so many moments, but breaking four minutes in the mile might be the most memorable,” Bauhs said. “I’m certainly proud of the milestone, but the environment was what made it truly special. The community really rallied around the event. The stadium was full and I was terrified to not break four. That last 100 meters hurt so much, but I couldn’t let everyone down.”

Bauhs had a crowd of fans while competing at Chico for a reason; he was the guy breaking records.

“My coaches and the sports information department did a great job of getting the word out and I owe my mile PR to them,” Bauhs said.

Bauhs decided to compete professionally just one week after the NCAA national cross-country meet.

He placed third in the USA Track & Field Cross-Country Championships and fourth in the 3000-meter at the USA Track & Field Indoor Track and Field Championships in 2010.

In 2012, Bauhs placed again in the Track and Field Championships, finishing seventh in the 5,000-meter.

This year, Bauhs got himself back in the top 10 American competitors.

Bauhs’ next stop will be Scotland to race the former marathon world record holder, Haile Gebrselassie.

Baus said when it comes to preparation, he keeps it simple.

“My training is hardly fancy,” he said. “It’s just running.”

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