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Criminal Youtubers must be punished

Megan Mann

Groping girl’s butts, trying to force kisses out of them and even more types of sexual harassment, all filmed without a consent form prior to the events.

Sounds like some great entertainment, right? Wrong.

These are the types of videos that are featured on Sam Pepper’s YouTube channel. He and his friends secretly film these disgusting activities in an effort to make money off of them.

As you can imagine, news of these videos has gone viral, and other big name YouTubers like Laci Green, who will be returning to our campus on October 23rd, and The Green Brothers have responded to them and called for his immediate removal from YouTube.

Currently, there haven’t been any legal ramifications for Pepper. Laci Green reports that she is trying to help individuals who say he raped them to take legal action, but one person has already refused to testify at any trials.

But besides being banned from VidCon, Pepper hasn’t faced the music for his actions yet.

Sure, YouTube could suspend or even expel his channel, but why not hit him where it hurts? If YouTube bans him from the monetization program, he can never make money from any video again. Once someone is banned, they can never be re-entered into the program.

Yes, he should still be banned from the site altogether, but until that happens he shouldn’t be able to make money from these horrendous videos.

Pepper and people making videos like him aren’t just the only problem. Where is YouTube itself in all of this? As of 2014, all videos from users who are in the monetization program go through filters that detect copyright and other illegal material like sexual harassment and assault.

Why didn’t those filters catch these videos before they were published with monetization rights or even published at all?

Yes, Sam Pepper is a horrible excuse for a human being who needs to be punished for his actions. But YouTube also needs to step up their game and watch for this kind of stuff before it’s published with the option to make money off of it.

Knowing that YouTube isn’t caring or being more vigilant against videos like this is just throwing salt in a wound where there’s already Pepper.

Megan Mann can be reached at [email protected] or @meganisthemann on Twitter.

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