Commitment scares me to death


Nothing makes me feel light-years away from adulthood like hearing about young marriage.

My parents met as undergrads, and if memory serves me right, I was born before my mom finished graduate school.

I don’t think that was so uncommon for my parents’ generation. People started their lives earlier and had the conviction to take the plunge.

I balk at a two-year phone contract. It just seems like a long time to be tied to a phone.

I mean, I’m sure at first the phone seems perfect. Why would I ever want another phone? This phone has all I’ve ever wanted in a phone.

But what happens if me and the phone start having differences? I never wanted to fight with this phone. Deep down, I still have feelings for this phone. The relationship has clearly run its course though and only one of us seems to see it. We need space to grow. Namely me, I’ve grown tired of the phone.

I have a confession: I’m not talking about phones. Clearly I have some emotional growing to do. I have no doubt that I’ll meet someone as immature as I am and we can spend our days exasperating each other to death. I’m fine waiting for that day though, rather than jumping in to the deep end before I can swim.

Anyway, I’m off to buy an iPhone 6.

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