Chico bars are overrated, underwhelming

Illustration by Madison Holmes
Illustration by Madison Holmes

Before I turned 21 years old, I couldn’t wait to dive into the Chico bar life.

What I discovered, however, was quite disappointing. Apparently, I’m not the bar scene kind of gal.

My first bar experience was at Riley’s. Of course I showed up on the dot at midnight. You only turn 21 years old once, right?

After proudly showing my ID to the bouncer, I crossed the threshold into what I thought would change my weekends forever.

This place was certainly no Disneyland. It was crowded and pushy, with what felt like a cloud of sweaty humidity hovering above my head.

I ordered a few drinks, compliments of my kind friends for the birthday girl.

Okay, I have my drink. Now what?

Conversation was a no-go. Drunk people and loud music made that practically impossible.

I left shortly afterward to return to my underage friends who were still enjoying the night with a keg and some good company.

I have had other bar experiences of course: Madison Bear Garden, Panama Bar and Cafe, Franky’s Pizzeria & Lounge, LaSalles, etc. They were nothing to write home about.

On top of the lackluster vibes, after a night out downtown without anyone buying me drinks, my bank account hurts as much as my hangover the next day.

Sure, there are sweet deals that go on. But that means drinking on the weeknights. Tried that before, doesn’t really work out with the whole “school” thing.

Maybe I don’t go out in large enough groups to enjoy the scene. Or maybe it’s because I’m not single and ready to mingle anymore.

Whatever it is, I’ve found that my calling is still to places where I can be around most of my friends, pitch a few dollars in for alcohol at the beginning of the night and end up somewhere we can have decent conversations and hang out.

Bars can be cool on certain occasions, but for the most part, the bar life ain’t the life for me.

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