The Organic Vegetable Market wants to swap students’ homemade CDs

Elisabeth Quick, a senior agriculture major and Organic Vegetable Project market manager, runs the booth to sell vegetables every Thursday. Photo courtesy of Elisabeth Quick

The Organic Vegetable Project has plans for Thanksgiving that don’t involve sharing an overstuffed turkey smothered in gravy. Instead, they want to share music to make the trip home for the holiday a little more interesting.

Starting Thursday until Thanksgiving break, the project’s market will be accepting mixed CDs of students’ favorite music in exchange for different CDs made by either a member of the Organic Vegetable Project crew or another student.

“We hope to encourage growth and find some new bands to obsess over,” said Elisabeth Quick, a senior agriculture major and Organic Vegetable Project market manager.

The swap reinforces the project’s mission of strengthening a local sense of community and even though this is its first attempt, the crew is optimistic of the outcome.

“Music is such an intimate thing,” said Quick. “By providing a platform for the campus to share music with each other, we are encouraging growth as a community. Hopefully, we will all grow a little in our music tastes and have some fun sharing the best of our music library.”

The Organic Vegetable Project also encourages creativity when it comes to the appearance of the CDs to make them stand out.

“We’ll think you’re cool if you sharpie (a) doodle on your CD,” said Quick.

Here’s how to participate:

  • Make a mixed CD in good taste, keeping in mind that anyone could receive it.
  • Write the playlist on the CD or don’t. The swap is meant to help enjoy the holiday, so a little mystery can be fun.
  • Bring the CD to the Organic Vegetable Project market and then swap!

Amanda Rhine can be reached at [email protected] or @am_rhine on Twitter.