Best and worst bathrooms on campus

You’re walking through campus after class and suddenly all that Red Bull you chugged before your quiz hits your bladder. It’s time to find a bathroom.

There are 43 buildings on Chico State’s campus — that’s a lot of loos to choose from. While all the bathrooms do the job, some of them just seem to be better than others.

Rissa Wallace, an English graduate student in the credential program, said her favorite bathroom was the one in the Bell Memorial Union by the auditorium.

“The bathrooms here are acceptable; they are not amazing but not very disgusting either,” Wallace said. “The downstairs BMU bathroom has a really cool sign.”

Each bathroom on campus is different and there are some things that people like about each one. Jerome Gonsalves, a senior bio-chemistry major, likes most all of the bathrooms on campus.

“They are a lot nicer than most public restrooms,” he saod. “They are well maintained and not disgusting. The Physical Science building’s bathrooms are my favorite. There are sensors for the water and foot petal things to flush. You don’t have to touch anything which is tight if you are a germophobe.”

Here is a map with information about bathrooms on campus. Next time you are looking for a place to do your business, you can use the right loo for you.

Disclaimer: Because I can’t go into the men’s bathrooms this information is based just on the ladies’ room.

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