Student enters apartment, claims to be the DEA


Chico Police detained a Chico State student allegedly under the influence of a controlled substance after he fled an apartment, Thursday morning.

According to a Chico Police report the suspect, Tyler Musilek, entered an apartment at Paradise Apartments on West Sacramento Avenue around midnight where he was invited inside by the residents.

Resident Courtney Whitfield and her friends were watching T.V. when they heard a knock on their sliding glass door. She then noticed her sliding door being opened by the suspect.

She said she assumed he knew one of her male roommates so she wasn’t startled. The Suspect approached the group and introduced himself. He began ‘freaking out’ and screamed that he was a part of the Drug Enforcement Administration and that they were not safe, according to a police report.

“He said there were people out there to get him,” Whitfield said.

He closed all the blinds in the apartment and pleaded with the group to get on the ground. Whitfield said the suspect told them that they would be shot if the front door was opened. For the next 30 minutes, he sporadically counted down from three to zero and opened the door assuring that Whitfield and her friends would be shot by someone outside.

There was no one outside, according to the police report. The suspect continued to say he was a member of the Drug Enforcement Agency and insisted they Google him because he was untraceable as a member of the government organization.

Whitfield searched for the suspect’s name on the Internet after he handed her his Chico State Flex Card. She found his Twitter and Instagram accounts which mentioned the Chico State baseball team.

Whitfield asked if he was a member of Chico State’s baseball team.

“I am on the college team undercover,” the suspect said. “I am really 38 years old.”

Once the police arrived, the suspected sprinted from the residence where he was soon detained.

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