Assault with a firework at a moving vehicle

Illustration by Liz Coffee

A Chico resident was arrested after shooting a firework out of his truck at another while driving on the road.

Around 4:30 p.m., Tuesday, Thomas Gerten became enraged after he couldn’t pass another drive on Vallombrosa Avenue, according to a Chico Police report.

Once Gerten got close to the other vehicle, he yelled death threats at the driver before shooting a firework at the driver out of his white truck. After shooting the firework, he turned left onto Hooker Oak Avenue where he sped away.

Adam Bankston, the driver in the other car, was not injured.

After police got Gerten’s information from witnesses, they went to his house and held a stakeout but Gerten didn’t show up.

Officers issued a warning for the lookout for Gerten and his truck and later arrested him.

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