Stop whining about spoilers

Megan Mann Photo credit: Annie Paige

Sunday, Nov. 30: A day that will live in infamy for many fans of “The Walking Dead.”

It was a night like any other.

People on the West Coast were getting ready for the newest episode of “The Walking Dead,” a TV show about a post-apocalyptic, zombie-filled world.

Many logged onto their Facebook news feeds out of boredom, anxiously awaiting the episode that was promised to be spectacular.

But when their news feeds loaded and they began scrolling through cat videos, they were greeted with the sheer horror of what is known as the spoiler.

A spoiler has the power to completely ruin a TV show for the unsuspecting victim as it reveals the most important plot details and shocking moments of the show.

Now, bloggers and Facebook users have learned how to combat the spoiler by warning their fans ahead of time of what they will be posting.

However, in the case of “The Walking Dead’s” Facebook page, no warning was issued, nor was there an alert on the post reading “SPOILER ALERT,” which is code for “AVERT YE EYES, YE INNOCENT SOUL.”

I was a little upset when I saw the spoiler, but I wasn’t expecting anything less.

I’ve fallen victim to spoilers from TV Facebook pages before since they normally forget about the different time zones.

Still, I wasn’t so upset about it that I felt the need to complain about it on Facebook, be it my page or theirs.

Although spoilers are really inconsiderate and do ruin a potentially amazing episode, I’m not one to go crazy when I see one.

It’s just a TV show.

It’s not like something major has happened, or that the world’s ending just because I know that a certain character’s going to die.

It’s also sort of a general rule to stay off of all social media before finishing a show.

It’s up to the viewer to take into account of the possibility of being spoiled rather than the page or blogger.

It’s not “The Walking Dead’s” fault that fans can’t stay off of Facebook until they finish the episode, regardless of what time zone they’re in.

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