The upside of anger: makeup sex

Tj Carter

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TJ Carter

TJ Carter Photo credit: Annie Paige

When in a relationship, a couple can hit rough times. An argument can start over something small and escalate into a yelling match in less than five minutes.

My wife and I get into small arguments every once in a while, just like everyone else.

After all the screaming is done and the underlying issues that caused the argument in the first place have been resolved, making it up to my wife with some great sex is one of the best things that can come out of an argument.

My wife and I sometimes fight over little things like who didn’t do the chores or who didn’t pick up their dirty clothes. The arguments don’t get too bad; just some healthy back and forth instead of keeping it bottled up.

Once there are a few minutes for decompression, it’s time to make it up to my wife with some after hours party games. The bedroom becomes the next battleground for some great makeup sex.

I like this makeup sex so much that I find myself angering my wife sometimes so she will be more aggressive in the bedroom. It’s great because she becomes a rough rider in bed and takes over the love session instead of me being the one in control.

I think that makeup sex is great for every relationship. It helps strengthen the bond that people have because they are able to work out different conflicts that come up.

However, when having makeup sex, be sure that all of your arguments are resolved so that they don’t carry over into the bedroom. You don’t want to get a quick bitch slap to the face unexpectedly and be left without finishing.

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