Dorm living as a senior

Illustration by Miles Huffman

By the end of this year, I will have been in housing for four years. My first year was spent at Whitney Hall and the last three years at University Village.

The first question I get when I admit I’m a senior in student housing is a thoroughly confused, “Why?” Because many are dismayed by its cost and endless rules, they can’t fathom why I’d choose to be in housing.

But honestly, I find its cons not only manageable, but actually to be beneficial.

First, payments and cost: While student housing isn’t the cheapest option, not having to worry about anyone but yourself is great. No wondering or worrying about whether a roommate paid on time or how much they are using the air conditioner.

And yes, potluck can be risky, but it’s possible to find a great, compatible roommate.

Secondly, the rules. Not only am I not bothered by them because I wouldn’t break them anyways, but they’re actually nice. Since no drinking, smoking, or loud music is allowed, people are all but forced to take their shenanigans elsewhere.

Which means peace and quiet for me.

I’m not saying student housing is for everyone. But for those like me, it can be a great option. I think it’s worth the price to have a stable, sane home life while your school and/or social life is a chaotic mess.

At least one thing will sorted.