Two men stabbed at party

Stab victims
Corey Hylton and Justin Herrera showing off their wounds on the photo app, Snapchat.
Photo Courtesy: Corey Hylton

Two men were stabbed around midnight Friday night in Chico. It occurred at 6th and Cherry where a party was going on.

The two stabbing victims Cory Hylton and his friend Justin Herrera, were visiting from out of town when they witnessed a man hit a woman in the face. The victims stepped in to help the woman.

“I confronted him, he swung and missed, I hit him and knocked him out,” said Hylton. “Then someone came from behind and stabbed me with a knife in the ribs.”

Herrera received many flesh wounds in his face and arm, losing a lot of blood, while Hylton was stabbed in the ribs. Hylton refused to go in the ambulance claiming he felt fine but the ambulance rushed Herrera to the Enloe Medical Center.

“He (Herrera) is okay. He went back to change bandages but he’s okay,” said Hylton.

The police have made an arrest.

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