Let’s be frank: Chico State relishes Crazy Dog

Photograph of John Geiger
John Geiger, owner of Crazy Dog, serves the students and faculty of Chico State Monday through Friday. He has been running the stand now for 15 years. Photo credit: Catalina Friz


There are a handful of eateries on Chico State’s campus: Selvester’s Cafe, the Marketplace and Sutter Dining are just a few.

But there’s one thing none of those have: a double-western, bacon-with-cheese hot dog for $5.

Every day students pass the Crazy Dog stand. While some may think of the man behind the cart as simply the “hot dog guy,” he actually has a name — John Geiger.

Geiger is part of the Wildcat family at Chico State. Originally from the Bay Area, he came to Chico in 1987 and studied to become an elementary school teacher. Realizing that his patience wouldn’t allow him to follow in that career path, he looked toward a different direction, Geiger said.

A man was selling a hot dog cart online for an expensive price that Geiger was not willing to pay. However, it sparked the idea of owning his own hot dog stand. In 1999, Crazy Dog became a reality.

“We brainstormed names,” Geiger said. “We thought, ‘Everybody is going to be crazy about our dogs.'”

Crazy Dog has it all, from regular hot dogs to veggie dogs to spicy dogs. Customers can also add cheese and bacon to any type of hot dog ordered.

During the summer months when school isn’t in session, Crazy Dog doesn’t fold up shop to go on summer vacation. Geiger offers catering services to different events around town.

“Being able to work outside is one of my favorite things about owning Crazy Dog.” Geiger said.

Two kids and 15 years later, Geiger continues to successfully own and run the Crazy Dog stand.

With the support and help of his wife, who makes trips to the grocery store making sure the hot dog cart is never shy a bun, Geiger plans on running Crazy Dog as long as he is able to, he said.

Throughout the school year, Crazy Dog is easy to track down. The food stand is always parked on West First and Ivy streets across from Langdon Hall, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Geiger will be out there rain or shine, never forgetting to ask those weenie lovers, “would you like cheese or bacon on that?”

Claire Martinez can be reached at [email protected] or @clairelmartinez_ on Twitter.