Think twice before getting a tattoo

Illustration by Miles Huffman

Getting a tattoo could be one of the biggest decisions one ever makes.

I know it certainly was for me. Especially since my parents were so dead against it.

They think only people in gangs get tattoos. And because they’re religious, getting a tattoo is also tainting the temple of God.

But to me, getting a tattoo means so much more; it’s a form of art.

I always knew I was going to get one, I just didn’t know what of. I wanted it to be meaningful and something that I was okay with having for the rest of my life.

After careful thought and consideration I decided that I wanted to go for something small and simple. I wanted to test the pain first and see if it was something that I could tolerate.

So last year I got my first tattoo, a semi colon on my wrist.

I battled through depression and many times I felt like giving up but I kept on going.

The semi colon is a reminder of that.

To me, like many others, it symbolizes that one’s story could have ended but it kept on going, just like in a sentence. That sentence could have ended but the semi colon is an indication that there is more to it, it keeps on going.

As a writer this is the perfect tattoo for me, I couldn’t be happier with my first tattoo and the best part is that my parents have learned to accept it and the idea behind it.

Getting a tattoo is something I don’t regret and I look forward to getting more.

Daisy Dardon can be reached at [email protected] or @daisydardon on Twitter.