Drunken car chase leads to arrest and multiple charges

Police pull over subject after car chase at the cross section of 7th Street and Salem Street Photo credit: Courtney Weaver

The subject was pulled over by Chico Police at the cross section of 7th and Salem Street

Photo Courtesy: Courtney Weaver

A 30-year-old Chico resident is behind bars accused of initiating a drunken car chase through downtown Chico on Wednesday night.

The chase began around 9:45 p.m. when Police Officer Jack Ditty attempted to pull the man over for a vehicle code violation. He agreed to pull over, but began to speed off again.

In custody is Sean Rearden.

“It was just a matter of about a minute. It did not last very long,” Officer Rob Sheridan, a member of the Chico Police Department, said.

According to police: During the chase, the driver hit two vehicles, a black Lexus on Salem Street and another parked car near Normal Street. Once the driver pulled over and got out of the vehicle, he got on the ground as ordered, but then got up again, resisting arrest.

As other officers arrived, he became uncooperative and even tore the pocket off of one officer’s uniform. The driver was hit with a baton several times in the legs before he was arrested and taken into custody.

He now faces the following charges: Recklessly evading a Police Officer, hit and run, resisting arrest, driving with a suspended license, driving under the influence, violation of probation, felony warrant for possession of a firearm by felon with priors, and misdemeanor warrant for DUI.

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