How to study

Illustration by Miles Huffman

At a certain time during the semester, there comes the inevitable, soul-crushing exam. Since everyone must face this horrid beast, proper preparation is key. Here are some helpful tips to prepare anyone for any type of exam, from Physics to History.

  • Don’t worry about all that nonsense of starting the studying process early. Procrastinate by watching Netflix, playing video games and/or going out. Just start worrying about the test the night before.
  • Not doing the homework or the reading prior to the exam is fine as well. It is really nothing to be concerned with. It’s not like it has anything to do with the class or learning or anything.
  • Since there isn’t much time to study, cramming is necessary. I suggesting sitting in a single place for six hours at a time, for better retention.
  • While studying, its best to just keeping reading the notes over and over until it finally sticks.
  • During these six hour sessions, don’t bother eating or sleeping. Right before the test, just down a couple cups of coffee and everything will be fine.
  • Finally, nerves are good. Anxiety is natural. It will only help while taking the exam for more focus and recall of the material.

Happy studying and good luck!

Allison Galbreath can be reached at [email protected] or @agalbreath19 on twitter.