Teachers protest school board meeting

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President of the teachers Union, Kevin Moritti, spoke to the crowd outside of City Hall. Photo credit: Madeline Merlic

“We’d rather be teaching!” was only one of several protest slogans that were seen outside of City Hall on Wednesday evening as teachers and supporters alike from the Chico Unified Teachers Association picketed outside of where the district school board meeting was being held.

The protesters marched in front of City Hall, picketing in the hopes of getting a fair contract with the school board.

A teacher from Pleasant Valley High School discussed that their contract is under much scrutiny as it hasn’t been changed in over seven years. The teachers of Chico are trying to negotiate for an increase in wages and an increase in their health benefits.

Kevin Moritti, the president of the union, said they have been picketing before every school board meeting since March.

Moritti also said that starting April 21, the teachers can vote whether they would like to strike or not.

“I love my class,”J. Cudney, a local special education teacher, said. “I don’t want to strike, but I will if I have to.”

“It’s very discerning that the district doesn’t value the teachers,” J. Cudney said. “It is very saddening to me and to my morals.”

The school board will make a decision on the teacher’s contract in the coming months.

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