Burgers and Brew moves, joins with Crepeville

Burgers and Brew's new location on Third and Broadway Streets. Photo credit: Brianne Mcevoy

Burgers and Brew is moving just a block down from its original location on Broadway and Second Streets to Third and Broadway Streets.

The owners of Burgers and Brew and Crepeville are converging their restaurants for the new location in Chico.

The menu will consist of the same foods offered at Burgers and Brew such as craft beers and speciality fries, but will also serve additional options from the Crepeville menu.

The new restaurant will be open for breakfast and have added champagne brunch to their morning menu.

“We’re going to be doing fresh fruit purees, also that will be blended with it because were going to be having blueberry and strawberry crêpes and were going to be using the purees from that to mix with the champagne,” said Miyagi Bocock, a Burgers and Brew employee.

The owners have chosen to change locations because they already own the building that is under construction.

Employees that already work for Burgers and Brew will be continuing their positions at the new location but they will also be looking for new employees.

“[They will be] hiring a few more for the morning crew for opening Crepeville,” Coutney Debuck, a current employee, said.

The exterior of the building is now complete but the new merger is waiting on interior installments and cosmetics.

Construction is planned to be finished in less than a month and the size of the location will be able to host the same amount of people it does now.

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