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Q&A: Wildcats bond, blow off steam through video games

First-year guard Corey Silverstrom goes up for a layup during practice this past season. Photo Credit: John Domogma

Parents always argue that video games are only for kids. That’s because they never grew up as gamers. Playing video games brings people together. They laugh, scream, shout and get crazy together.

Apart from playing on the court and field, Wildcats also get together to play some of their favorite video games, whether on the road or on a regular day. Of course, they play sports games to show that their virtual skills match their real-life skills.

Corey Silverstorm — first-year guard, basketball

What type of video games do you play as a team?

When the team gets together we’ll play (NBA2K). A lot of time we’re actually playing “Super Smash Bros.” on the Nintendo 64 or Game Cube. Chris Magalotti on the team has the Nintendo 64. It gets competitive.

How’s the environment?

It’s like we’re on the court to be honest. It’s a lot of trash talking. Everyone wants to win.

Who gets the most competitive?

Honestly, I’d probably say me or Jordan Semple. I don’t like to lose. If I do, you’ll probably hear a lot of excuses out of me.

How do you think playing games with other teammates helps?

It helps build team camaraderie. We build a relationship, and we’re all like brothers. So every time we get together, it’s a bonding thing. Once every other week.

Have any of the coaches ever played with all of you?

Actually, our assistant coach (Lucas Gabriel) played “Mario Kart” with us one time. He was the best “Mario Kart” player I’ve ever played.

Sasha Peranteau — first-year forward, soccer

What video games do you play with teammates?

We usually play FIFA against together because we know how good we are at soccer. But now it’s a soccer video game, so it’s on another level. We use players we know.

Who gets the most competitive?

Nick Radosavljevic. He’s Serbian, and he’ll curse in Serbian. He yells a lot, yells at the TV. He’ll stand up and jump around and stuff, take a lap.

How does playing video games help bring the team closer?

If you ever have an argument, you settle it with FIFA. If you’re ever like just hanging, you say, ‘Hey, let’s play some FIFA.’ You create a bond outside the field.

Matt Tarr — first-year middle and defense, soccer

What game do you tend to play the most?

“(Call of Duty): Modern Warfare 2.”

When did you first start to play?

In the fifth grade. Started playing “World at World.” It was on a PC. It was hard. To zoom in you had to do right trigger then left.

What team does everyone tend to pick?

Chelsea, Leon, Real Madrid, Barcelona.

When do you and other teammates play together?

Four times a week, multiple times a week.

Who do you think gets the most competitive?

Derek (Carver) is pretty up there.

Some athletes choose to take part in playing, and some simply sit back and watch everyone else scream their lungs out at the TV

Junior defender Justin Walmsley, who used to be a gamer when he was younger, said that he would rather sit back and watch his teammates play and get loud over FIFA.

“I just talk it up,” he said.

Julie Ortega can be reached at [email protected] or @julieOrtega_ on Twitter.

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