New gluten-free foods satisfy everyone’s appetite

Illustration by Miles Huffman

My aunt and cousin have been gluten free for a long time for severe health reasons.

They’re also pretty much dairy-free, sugar-free and anything that tastes good-free.

So when I heard that Disney World was putting in a gluten-free and vegan bakery, I almost fell to my knees and screamed “Hallelujah.”

While that might seem like a very dramatic reaction, I have two very good reasons for wanted to praise someone for this new addition to the “happiest place on Earth.”

For starters, I love my aunt very much. But her gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free desserts aren’t edible half the time. In fact, it took years of trial and error to finally get a decent chocolate cupcake from her and my family was normally the guinea pigs.

Ask my step-dad about the infamous Easter cupcake incident with his nephew and you’ll just scratch the surface.

But bad baking aside, I’m really happy that Disney World is looking out for its patrons who have dietary restrictions. It’s really hard when you have to spend your entire vacation playing Sherlock Holmes, food investigator so that you don’t go into convulsions when you have a turkey leg.

I mean, yeah, it’s just one bakery, but that one bakery is evidence that people and corporations are starting to become more aware of the needs and health issues of their clients.

And really, I can’t wait until my aunt can bite into a cupcake that tastes amazing without having to worry about getting sick.

The look on her face will be worth all those times I was a guinea pig.

Megan Mann can be reached at [email protected] or @meganisthemann on Twitter.