Hogwarts house havoc

Illustration by Miles Huffman

Ah, Hogwarts.

What kid didn’t wait for their letter? Didn’t imagined picking out a wand? Didn’t wonder what house the Sorting Hat would place them in?

Well … at least I know I did.

It is an essential part of attending Hogwarts, being placed into one of the four major groups:

Gryffindors: the chivalrous and brave reside here, searching for grand adventures.

Hufflepuffs: those practical, cautious folk with a deep love of helping others.

Slytherins: the cunning, ambitious snakes with a drive like no other.

Ravenclaws, defined by their individualism, creativity, intellect and love of learning.

I’d always had a hard time placing myself into one of these. Thankfully there are tests to help out.

As I grew older, I realize why I’ve had trouble, however: I want to have all the traits these houses embody. The braveness of Gryffindor. The kindness of the Hufflepuffs. The ambition of the Slytherins. The intellect of the Ravenclaws.

Separating people into groups not only mimics what this society does so naturally and frequently, but it limits the students to being around other kids that are just like them.

Wouldn’t a few malicious Slytherins be better off mingling with some kind Hufflepuffs?

Or for some shy Hufflepuffs to mingle with the brave Gryffindors?

Or some apathetic Gryffindors to study with some Ravenclaws?

And that’s my biggest concern. The students are separated and never have a chance to grow and learn from the others to develop skills they don’t have naturally.

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