Two car collision on 8th street and Ivy street

015-05-06 at 9.44.33 AM.png
An officer speaks with the driver of the car that turned onto 8th street. Photo credit: Katherine Feaster

A two-car collision occurred on 8th Street and Ivy Street around 6 p.m. yesterday according to Chico Police Department.

According to witnesses a red car paused briefly at the stop sign on the corner of 8th Ivy Streets and turned onto 8th Street and was struck by a silver Toyota.

The red car came to a stop and the silver car kept rolling forward before it pulled over and parked to the side of the street.

“I don’t think she looked both ways before she turned and she went and that’s when the cars hit,” said witness Ryan Taylor. “We pulled over to see if they were both okay.”

There are no reported injuries. Firefighters were out cleaning, regulating traffic and the roads remained open.

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