Best shows to watch on Netflix

Illustration by Miles Huffman

The time has come. It’s finals week, full of exams and stress. But that also means that this semester is coming to a close and it’s almost summer.

With that in mind, here are some shows on Netflix I personally enjoy and think are worth watching for a good distraction and to kick off the summer:

  • “Orange is the New Black” — many have already seen this show, but it’s still worth mentioning for anyone who hasn’t yet. It’s full of interesting women all with unique stories. An edgy comedy with heart.
  • “Charmed” — this may or may not be a biased opinion, as this is my favorite childhood show, but it’s worth watching nonetheless. Three sisters who find out they’re the most powerful witches alive … and kick some ass. A show that started in the ’90s that still is relevant today. Truly timeless.
  • “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” — A Netflix original about a woman who lived in a bunker with three other women because a “priest” told her the world had ended. She finally gets released and has no idea how to live in a world that has changed so drastically. Hilarity ensues.
  • “Mixology” — The entire season is about what happens in one night at a bar. Each episode is a continuation of the same night. Watch as things get crazier and more out of control. Hilarious and amazing. The only downside is that it only has one season. 🙁
  • “The Guild” – It was once only a YouTube series but has now made it onto Netflix. For anyone who loves nerdy comedy, this one might hit the right note. It is literally about a group of strangers who all play the same online video game and are in the same guild. Everything is fine until one day … everything changes. Full of awkwardness and, of course, entirely hilarious. And definitely relatable for any video game nerds out there. Plus, it’s a show starring Felicia Day. What could be better?
  • “Being Human” – A confused ghost, a troubled werewolf and a lonely vampire. It sounds like the start of a bad joke, doesn’t it? But it’s truly a great show. Each of these characters have felt the particular sting of loneliness and contempt for self that comes from feeling like a monster. But they end up finding each other and creating their own small community. Both the U.K. and the U.S. versions are great (and both are on Netflix).
  • Honorable Mentions: “Fringe,” “The 4400,” “Xena: Warrior Princess,” “Pretty Little Liars,” “Sherlock” and “Lost Girl.”

Good luck on any and all finals, papers and/or presentations. And have fun procrastinating with these amazing shows.

Allison Galbreath can be reached at [email protected] or @agalbreath19 on twitter.