Free slurpees for acts of kindness

Chico PD

The Chico Police Department and 7-Eleven have teamed up for Operation Chill.

For one week, Chico PD and other law enforcement will administer free slurpee coupons to Chico youth’s caught committing acts of kindness.

“Its just a little bit of time to let everyone know to be kind and sometimes you get a little bit back,” said Mia Lyons, Chico State first year.

Law enforcement employees will be giving out coupons while doing their daily routine. These coupons can be redeemed for a free small slurpee at any local 7-Eleven.

“A lot of people think the police officers only come around on Friday, Saturday nights to try and bust the students,” said Tucker Lukehart, senior. “They aren’t the bad guys, they’re here to help us.”

Coupon worthy acts of kindness include picking up trash, wearing a helmet when riding a bicycle and opening a door for someone.

Operation Chill begins on August 27 and will continue throughout the week.

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