Wildcats Fall Behind in Game Two

Final Score

Chico State Men’s Soccer had a slow start in game two of the season against Saint Martin’s University Men’s Soccer. The Wildcats took a tough loss with the final score, 2-3. This makes it their second loss in a row.

First Half

With 6 minutes and 37 seconds into the game Saint Martin’s sophomore midfielder Witzel, Kyle scored the first goal of the game.

After Chico State’s third foul, Saint Martin’s was given a penalty kick, which junior defender Strawn, Kaleb successfully made. It gave Saint Martin’s a two-point game lead over the Wildcats.

Junior forward, DeLane Rajaee attempted to score two goals, but the Saint’s goalie, Rosato, Nick did not allow it.

Freshman, Matthews, Andrew played as goalie for the Wildcats.

Overall comparison

Stats compared by halfs

Second Half

Chico State went into the second half with seven fouls under their belt. One more than Saint Martin’s.

At 47:22, senior forward, Hurlow Matt was able to make the first goal for the ‘Cats. Junior forward, Nuno, Omar was there to assist.

Shot after shot that the Wildcats attempted to score was either saved or blocked by Saint Martin’s goalie, Rosato.

After the ninth foul on Chico State, Wildcat junior defender Dargan, Isaiah received a yellow card.

With the time at 63:53, the Saint’s junior midfielder/defender Gonzales, Derrick helped SMU reach a two-point lead over Chico State, 1- 3.

Then, Rosato was given a yellow card shortly afterwards.

Getting closer to end of the game, Hurlow was able to score a goal, helping decrease the point-gap to one at, 83:52.

But there was still not enough time left for the Wildcats to catch up. Trailing by one-point the Wildcats finished 2-3 against Saint Martin’s University.

On Thursday, September 10th the Wildcats will be playing away against Academy of Art in Kerzar Stadium, San Francisco at 5 p.m.

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