Hungry drunk threatens to break down doors

Photo credit: Miles Huffman

Chico Police Department

Call Type: Drunk in Public 2:09 a.m., West Ninth Street

A man claimed that employees at a local store refused to sell him alcohol and then threatened to hit him with a stick. Despite claiming not to be intoxicated, police dispatchers determined the man was likely drunk.

Call Type: Suspicious Subject 12:10 a.m., Broadway Street

An intoxicated man at a downtown motel couldn’t find his room. A guest called police after the man attempted to get into her room and multiple others.

Call Type: Suspicious Circumstances11:40 p.m., Cloud Court

A 13-year-old girl ran away from home after her mother had an intense reaction to a poem she wrote. The daughter’s “dark imagination” caused her mother to “overreact” and both sought help after the incident.

Call Type: Drunk in Public 9:05 p.m., East 14th Street

A drunk man was banging on windows yelling “let me in.” He then laid down in front of someone’s door yelling that he was hungry and going to break the door down.

Call Type: Suspicious Subject 6:28 p.m., West Sacramento Avenue

A man on the bike path near the area of West Sacramento Avenue was throwing objects and yelling at women who passed by.

University Police Department

Call Type: Drunk in Public 11:02 p.m., Nord Avenue

A man at University Village was banging on doors while intoxicated, but campus police were unable to locate him.

Call Type: Petty Theft 11:17 p.m., Cherry Street

A bike was stolen near Langdon Engineering Center although it was secured with a cable lock.