Reyes leads men’s cross-country to victory

The saying goes, “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.”

Chico State men’s cross-country runner, Will Reyes, has more than enough will and knows the way for success.

At the Ash Creek Invitational on Sept. 11, junior cross country runner Will Reyes ran the 6,300 meter at a 4:32 mile pace and finished the run in 17:47, taking first place. Reyes finished 30 seconds ahead of second place finisher and teammate, sophomore Falco DiGiallonardo.

Men’s cross-country runner, Will Reyes, is expected to be the top Wildcat runner in his first season, after redshirting last year. Photo courtesy of Gary Towne.


“I was very nervous going into the race,” Reyes said, “But as soon as the gun sounded, it all went away and it was like anything else.”

This is Reyes’ first year competing as a Wildcat, after red shirting last season as a transfer from American River College, a junior college in Sacramento.

Reyes said he felt it was best to red shirt his first year to get acclimated to the training and culture of Wildcat cross-country.

“He easily would have been our top runner, or at least top two or three the way he ran as a red shirt,” said Gary Towne, head coach. “We knew once he put on a uniform this year, we’d have a lot to look forward to.”

The adjustment went smoothly. Reyes excelled in the program and stayed healthy throughout the whole process.

“He’s one of those guys that leads by example,” Towne said, “Everything you’d want in a student athlete really.”

Before becoming a Wildcat, Reyes was already making a name for himself at the community college level. In 2013, Reyes set the record for the school’s Golden Gate Park run with a time of 19:48.

Reyes also broke the record for a 10K run at American River College when he finished second at the State Community College Championships with a run time of 30:30.

Reyes capped off his community college career by finishing runner-up in the 10K and 5K at the State Community College Championships, which was one of his biggest accomplishments, he said.

Reyes found his passion for running in high school when he would run the mile. A teacher mentioned he should try out for track in the spring, and he’s been on the run ever since.

“Running has taught me to be patient and consistent,” Reyes said.

Reyes said he chose to run for Chico because it best fit his running style.

When asked if he was surprised at how well Reyes did in the first race, senior Brandon Taylor said, “Not at all. I expect his success now, I expect it all season. He’s a really hard worker.”

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