The Green to share positive vibes with Chico

Valeria Flores

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The Green_Photo by_Mason Rose_C.jpg

The Green will make their way to Chico to perform at the El Rey Theatre on Wednesday, Sept. 30. Photo courtesy of Mason Rose.

Yes, you heard right. Hawaiian band The Green is coming to the El Rey Theatre, just a short walk from campus.

“If you guys want to experience a little piece of Hawaii in Chico, then come to the show,” said Zion Thompson, singer-guitarist.

The Green is going to be performing on Wednesday, Sept. 30, at 8 p.m. Tickets are $16.

This will be the band’s third time playing in Chico, but Thompson said it’s been a while. The band doesn’t have any surprises planned— they’re just bringing their normal selves and spreading positive vibes.

Returning after such an absence should be a surprise in itself.

The Green_Photo by_Mason Rose_A.jpg

The six members of reggae band The Green. Photo courtesy of Mason Rose

The Green will be performing new music from their three recent albums, one of which was acknowledged by iTunes as the best reggae album of the year.

“We like playing for college kids, that’s the future,” said Thompson. “You guys are learning and deciding what you want to do in your lives. You guys are working hard— let loose on a weekday. Have some fun.”

If you’re skeptical about attending The Green’s show this Wednesday because you are unaware of the concert scene, or you’re a bit timid to go alone, Thompson said to come to the concert with an open mind and be flexible.

“Shows can get wild,” Thompson said. “They can get crowded and sweaty. Be prepared to be around a lot of people and make friends, go out and enjoy it. Have fun, because that’s what reggae music is about— spreading love and spreading positive messages.”

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