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Supporting athletics

Nicholas Woodard

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In today’s day and age, college students simply don’t have the time to go and support their fellow classmates in athletic events. But all that could begin to change with a string of shirtless supporters, who are doing an amazing job at Chico State games.

I wonder how many times a soccer team would play in front of empty bleachers. Or if an amazing game by the volleyball team would go unnoticed on campus because there was no one there to watch it.

As students, it really should be our duty to support athletes, the people who are representing us in battles against other colleges, in any way possible.

I’m going to be honest; when I went to cover my first soccer game, I didn’t expect a big or lively crowd. But, contrary to my belief, the crowd was moderate and definitely lively thanks to the group of rowdy guys.

As the game went on, hilarious jeers at referees and good-natured chants sprung up from the group. The chatter continued throughout the game and trickled over to other members of the crowd. In the final minutes of the game, an elderly woman stood up and lambasted a ref for a controversial call.

I don’t endorse harassing refs. But I do endorse high energy crowds who are excited to be at the game and excited for the people in the game. Athletes and fans’ shared passion for the game is what college sports should be all about.

Personally, I love what these guys are doing. It’s a great example of school spirit and it sets a great precedent to make sporting events that much more awesome as the year goes on.

Bottom line: follow in their footsteps. You don’t have to paint your chests to show how intense of a fan you are. You don’t even have to have a witty mind and quick trigger for a mouth. That’s encouraged but not required.

What would be great however, is continued enthusiasm in Wildcat athletics from the very people who fuel it all to begin with; the students.

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Supporting athletics